About Us

Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society is a nongovernmental organisation registered in Turkish Republic, Eskisehir Governorship Provincial Directorate of Civil Society Associations with the registry number of 26-009-031.

It has been officially founded on 13th December 1993.

Our major objective is to improve and optimise the management of stroke in Turkey by providing medical education to healthcare professionals and the lay public in Turkey. By offering best practice approaches, our goal is to harmonise stroke management in Turkey.

The society is dedicated to the following purposes:

1-To increase the information about reasons, protective measures and treatment methods of cerebrovascular diseases;

2- To support the developments regarding the disease all around the country and world;

3- To provide the communication, information and experience exchanges among health professionals and the others;

4- To promote and to reward the ongoing investigations and trials;

5- To give financial and emotional support to poor and helpless patients with cerebrovascular diseases.

Our working area and methods are to organize the investigation, congress, seminar, panel, symposium, conference, training and meeting; to constitute a working group for scientific and social activities; to practice scientific publication, subscribe to periodical journals and create an archive; to organize and participate the community educations; to support the education of medical students about cerebrovascular diseases; to publish the periodical or timely issues such as journal, magazine and newspaper and to broadcast the voiced or video materials about the objectives of society for information exchange among the members of society; to constitute and manage health facility, hospital, centre or polyclinic focused on cerebrovascular diseases; to collaborate with national and international society and organizations; to invite the specialists about cerebrovascular diseases to profit their knowledge and experience; to accredit the society members for receive education from developed medical and investigation centres.

Turkish Journal of Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases is the media organ of Turkish Society of Cerebrovascular Diseases.

The Journal is published 3 times in a year once on April, August and December. 

It publishes reports of any aspect related to the cerebral vascular circulation and its diseases from many disciplines, including neurology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, internal medicine, neuro-otology, neuro-ophthalmology, vascular surgery, radiology, nuclear medicine, anesthesiology, critical care medicine, epidemiology, vascular physiology, neuropathology, neurophysiology, vascular neurology, interventional vascular neurology and neurological intensive care. Cerebrovascular diseases, interventional neurology, vascular neurology, neurological intensive care, stroke epidemiology, secondary protection in stroke, acute stroke treatment and endovascular treatment are special interests of the journal.

The journal publishes the qualitative short report, case report, medical news, letter to editor, basic science, review and original article which are result from clinical trials and basic views.

Turkey Stroke Support Organization (TSSO) founded with the support of Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society on September 2013 is an organization with intent to throw together the stroke patients, their relatives, neurologists, nurses, medical faculty students and the other stroke supporters. The organization aim to raise awareness about stroke in Turkey, to collect the stroke patients, their relatives and health staff related with stroke under an umbrella, to organize social events and various activities to improve the quality of life of patients with stroke and their relatives, to follow and share scientific developments in this field, to guide members to the legal and medical issues when they need, to support the rehabilitation opportunities, to raise awareness on prevention of stroke risk factors and to increase the level of education, to improve the life quality of stroke patients and their relatives. 

Turkish Cerebrovascular Diseases Society is a member of European Stroke Organisation (ESO), Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) and World Stroke Organization (WSO) and it works in close cooperation with SVIN and MENA-SINO.