Our major objective is to improve and optimise the management of stroke in Turkey by providing medical education to healthcare professionals and the lay public in Turkey. By offering best practice approaches, our goal is to harmonise stroke management in Turkey.

The society is dedicated to the following purposes:
1-To increase the information about reasons, protective measures and treatment methods of cerebrovascular diseases;
2- To support the developments regarding the disease all around the country and world;
3- To provide the communication, information and experience exchanges among health professionals and the others;
4- To promote and to reward the ongoing investigations and trials;
5- To give financial and emotional support to poor and helpless patients with cerebrovascular diseases.

Our working area and methods are to organize the investigation, congress, seminar, panel, symposium, conference, training and meeting; to constitute a working group for scientific and social activities; to practice scientific publication, subscribe to periodical journals and create an archive; to organize and participate the community educations; to support the education of medical students about cerebrovascular diseases; to publish the periodical or timely issues such as journal, magazine and newspaper and to broadcast the voiced or video materials about the objectives of society for information exchange among the members of society; to constitute and manage health facility, hospital, centre or polyclinic focused on cerebrovascular diseases; to collaborate with national and international society and organizations; to invite the specialists about cerebrovascular diseases to profit their knowledge and experience; to accredit the society members for receive education from developed medical and investigation centres.